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We Will Show You The Way To Success

Techedge Technologies offers consulting, solution design,implementation and integration, bringing to the table technology, product and multi-domain business expertise, along with stringent quality processes and strategic alliances with leading product vendors in the industry. Techedge brings you comprehensive solutions in Data Center setup, Networking, Security, Connectivity, CCTV Surveillance etc. space that truly enhances your IT experience. The company established in mid 2010, is having its head office at Kolkata. Our highly committed and skilled set of professionals will add value by proposing technically superior and commercially competitive solutions for your IT requirements.

We Work For You

We offer our clients flexible and transparent pricing options which help them reducing their upfront cost and convert that into an operational expenditure.


Our Strategies

At Techedge, We manage our services end to end, so that you don’t have to synchronize execution from different vendors. The result is a better, easier experience for you and your IT staff.


Clients Choose Us

We are not a product company. Our focus is on building solutions and providing services across those solutions. We are open to work with any OEMs or in any technical environment.


Advance Your Business!

At Techedge, we believe that an outstanding IT infrastructure breeds a healthier and vastly more flexible organization. Techedge offers a focused set of IT Architecture Services that helps you realize the full value of your current and future IT investments.


Our Advantages!

Techedge philosophy of system integration revolves around enterprise architecture methodologies, application-centricity and a vendor neutral approach, with a view to build a robust, business aligned and optimized IT environment for customers.