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Who We Are

Techedge Technologies a leading and foremost name in the field of security and surveillance in West Bengal, has pioneered the concept of closed circuit monitoring and surveillance in the city since 2007.The much acclaimed security solution provider is synonymous for introducing the latest security related products offering state-of-the-art technologies associated with safe guarding your assets, and monitoring your business in the most effective and conductive way, at par with well renowned and trusted international brands.

Endowed with an extrasensory perception, acumen, and a rare foresight to understand, analyze, and fulfill the ever challenging industrial security demands of companies and corporate sectors, whether big or small, Techedge Technologies has been successfully meeting the challenges and providing unique solutions which not only satisfy the client’s requirements in the most effective and time bound manner, but also pave a safe and secured path for all future endeavors Techedge Technologies. Techedge Technologies, established in 1999, a leading CCTV camera Distributor and security solutions provider company is now establishing its roots in India. Well known for pioneering the development of innovative security cameras and equipment, Techedge Technologies is best known and associated with its Advtech/Spykar brand of CCTV cameras, DVR’s and other products. The Advtech brand is well renowned for its high quality CCTV cameras which are highly popular in the domestic markets, primarily because of high resolution and enhanced image outputs. Growing rapidly, Techedge Technologies is fast emerging as a top Distributor and supplier of CCTV cameras in West Bengal, and is striving hard to attain its national share of the security products market segment.